About Us

ONE NATION with Glenn Taylor is a Christian blog and conservative think tank dedicated to promoting thoughtful discussion and debate on a wide range of topics.  ONE NATION is a platform for Christian and conservative thinkers with something to say. It's a collection of thoughts, ideas, and even questions on topics ranging from thought/philosophy to government. Essentially it's an interactive magazine. Browse through our pages, find something that catches your interest and enter the discussion. Don't feel like you have to be an expert on the subject. Just engage. We can all grow together.

ONE NATION isn't simply one person's perspective. You'll find posts from numerous contributors. These contributors range from ordinary people who are passionate about a certain subject to people who are experts in the subject they are covering.


Most importantly, ONE NATION is a place to find out you are not alone in your desire to be a light in a dark world. It's a place to be challenged to stand up for values, to find information to make you ready, and encouragement to help you shine. It's a place to be reminded of the foundational reasons for doing what we do. It's also the launching pad for putting people with strong values into what have become the swampy grounds of government.