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I’m always one to look to the east and hope to find something supernatural in the sky.

I mean, the Montana mountains are pretty and everything… okay, they’re amazing!… and when I lived in Virginia there was nothing like taking an early morning stroll along the beach and watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. It was always beautiful. Breathtaking! The way the pelicans and the Gannet’s silently, and seemingly so slowly, flew along the surf (I’m a bird fan), and how the sun’s rays illuminated the clouds in hues of pink and orange over a vast ocean of blue. God knows how to pull our attention upward. But, by itself it’s all so empty! Beautiful, but empty. So many people’s gaze and wonder stops right there at the birds, maybe a distant island, or the blush of the clouds. Some go further… much further… to the stars. Wow, talk about a fascination that can last a life-time. The universe is a vast frontier. There are plenty of galaxies to explore, that’s for sure. But when the last bird gets watched, after the last sunrise gets painted, and the last star gets its picture taken by Mr. Hubble’s great grandson…it’s all still empty. Void. Meaningless…

Unless… We allow ourselves to see the God of it all. Give ourselves permission to believe that there is purpose behind the mystery. Unless we are able to somehow see that “mirror in the sky.” The mirror which permits us to see just how small, unknowing and dependent on the Creator of it all we truly are. I’m not talking about some vague force of energy here. I’m talking about the One, specific, awesome, caring, and loving God. There aren’t millions. There aren’t two. He is One. And He wants us to see that all the breathtaking signs He’s created are directional. They’re magnificent, that’s for sure, and He created them for our enjoyment, but they have arrows on them and the arrows point to Him. It’s all emptiness until we see the entire and complete picture. Then, and only then… the painting begins to make sense. It becomes fulfilling, and, well…. Supernatural!

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