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I Will Have Lost Nothing

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Someday, when I am laying on my death bed, I will regretfully look back and realize that trying to live the way Jesus Christ asked me to live cost me so much.


☛The ability to cheat on my spouse with no consequences

☛The fulfillment that comes from thinking of myself as better than others

☛The joy of killing my enemies or at least writing them off because they don’t think like I do

☛The brilliance of teaching my children to live for themselves and for their careers

☛The satisfaction of knowing my life truly had no purpose and that I was just a product of a cosmic McBang.

☛The hours I spent fighting hard for the right of every unborn child to celebrate their birthday each year.

☛The great honor of serving multiple gods with conflicting messages

☛The power to achieve world peace because of my belief that you can’t get to heaven without going through Jesus Christ

☛The great advantage of believing that there is no heaven

☛The power to make up my own rules depending on the circumstances

☛The delight of doing my part to create a more amoral world

☛The ability to know what it feels like to write my own bible, create my own values, and be my own god

☛The entitlement of spending my weekends centered on me and my own needs

☛The ability to make a point via sarcasm.

☛The benefit of being able to watch every masterpiece filmed in the agenda-free city of Hollywood

☛The honor of marching the streets with the like-minded to promote my own agendas

☛The true freedom that comes from knowing I’m not the devil’s puppet… and that I did things my way!

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