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Wonder Woman Fights for God!

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I remember as a kid hearing that Linda Carter was a Christian. I couldn’t believe it! WONDER WOMAN is a Christian! “Now the entire world will kneel and surrender to Jesus!” I’m not being facetious here. I really did think it was a good thing for God! Well, over time I guess she just kind-of flew off in her invisible plane and, as far as I know, didn’t take too many people with her in her magic Lasso of Truth. Years later I heard that Jane Fonda had surrendered her life to Christ. People would surely listen to Jesus’ words now. Ok… if not Jane… MR. T. Now, it wasn’t a question of "whether" they would listen but rather a situation that they “BETTER" LISTEN! FOO!

Steve Largent, Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington, Shia LaBeouf... and now ROCKY appears on my newsfeed! (apparently this one happened about 9 years ago or something, but word just got to Montana this morning).

SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THIS??? I certainly cared when I was a kid. Was it just that I was more impressionable? Does this really matter that “Super-stars do it too?" Luke 15:7 says the angels in heaven rejoice when a sinner repents. WoW! What do they do when a Super-Star repents? Maybe this is how thunder storms are created.

Here’s the deal… I should be excited when ANYONE, in true humility, bows to their knee and decides to allow the savior of the world to have control of their life. Instead of mocking these public figures and saying horrible things like, “The bigger they are the harder they fall,” I SHOULD pray for these people who, frankly, have a lot more to deal with once they profess Christ than I ever did. Since I don’t get to decide who’s conversions show up in America’s Facebook newsfeed, I need to ask God to surround them with solid, caring, and bible believing friends.

Truthfully… These public figures matter to God!

BUT… It’s not because they’re ☆☆☆ STARS ☆☆☆. It’s because they’re people.

And it’s not because of their invisible planes either… although I’m certain even God thinks it is one of the coolest things on earth!