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2020 Election Madness 🇺🇸

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s what the political landscape has felt like to me for some time now. Just when we might have though that things are coming into focus a bit we’d get hit with another bomb… 💥BAMM! Russian Collusion. 💥WHOMP! Impeachment. 💥BANG! Justice Kavenaugh Confirmation. 💥SMACK! Covid. 💥WHAMM! George Flloyd 💥OOooo! Black Lives Matter 💥BONK! Riots across the nation 💥SOCK! Tear the statues down 💥WHACK! Destroy the Cities 💥KAPOW! Defund the Police 💥BAP! Attack & Kill the Police 💥POW! Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation 💥BAP! Voting methods turned upside down 💥WALLOP! Biden Ukraine Scandal 💥ZING! The Election

It seems we can’t get far enough away from the latest “problem” to get any clarity. But anyway… here we are. The election has taken place. What now?

Here’s my take on things. It’s nothing super profound, but it’s my own opinion: 📍71,000,000+ people voted for Donald J. Trump. 📍There was no “blue wave.” 📍Democrats lost seats in the house rather than gain them. 📍The “takeover” of the Senate was just an empty threat and 📍Joe Biden did not “easily paint the nation blue.” 📍Virtually every pre-election poll was inexcusably wrong. 📍Facebook, Twitter, and Google violated the first amendment in a way that should literally scare America, and 📍the main-stream-media took the word “collusion” to a whole new level and turned journalism into a joke.

Then came the American election process, which we are all supposed to somehow trust implicitly. Unfortunately, this is not how trust is built. One does not abuse, tear to shreds, accuse, obstruct, riot, inflame, ignore, upheave, and then demand TRUST. It just doesn’t work that way. You don’t sit back and allow the 71 million people to be called, 😡“Deplorables (Clinton), 😡Enemies of the State (Pelosi), 😡Gun & Bible clingers (Obama), 😡Racists (Virtually every personality on CNN & MSNBC) and then demand their allegiance to your ways.

Now, Joe Biden wants unity and peace. Now he wants us to “come together.” Come together while leaders of the Democratic Party are saying things like this: 📣We need to win the Georgia Senate races “to make sure that we don’t have a Republican Senate majority… that we secure a Democratic Senate majority, so that we don’t have to negotiate in that way,” (AOC), 📣"Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda… and he's going to make good on those commitments.” (Kate Bedingfield) 📣“Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division…” (Michelle Obama).

I have so many thoughts here. 💡How inaccurate and dishonest polling affects voting, 💡How corrupt journalism affects mindsets, 💡How deceitful censorship sways a nation… and the list goes on… But, here are my thoughts sifted down into the bucket: Joe Biden may very well win the election. IF he does, then I will do the same thing I’ve done for President Bush, Obama, and Trump. I will pray for him every day and I will show respect toward the office of the president. I will oppose his destructive policies and I’ll support policies that take the nation forward toward greater prosperity, strength, health, and liberty. He’s definitely not my pick for president, and his running mate is about the LAST PERSON ON EARTH I would ever want running our country, but nonetheless… IF he is the eventual winner then I will be the first in line for a peaceful transition of the presidency.

However, that day is not today!

To win back the trust of the American public, THIS election and all of its discrepancies should not and CANNOT be swept under the rug. President Trump is 100% within his rights to contest every illegal and fraudulent vote. I keep hearing commentators say, “there’s just no evidence.” Well, the Trump administration does not have an obligation to lay out its case to the news channels of America... or the public, for that matter. It’s obligation, at this point, is to the courts. Courts don’t decide on cases based on popular opinion. They decide on cases based on standing, merit, and evidence. If the cases the Trump administration take to court don’t have merit, or if they lack evidence, then the courts will decide against them… and so they should. But if the cases have merit, then the courts should take up the cases and proceed to the evidence.

This election was very close (not to beat a dead horse, but… a VERY different outcome that the polls suggested). EVERY LEGAL VOTE should count and every ILLEGAL vote should be thrown out. This is the ONLY way trust can be restored in the American Election process. Past elections have been able to be called prior to every vote being counted because the margins have been much wider. In THIS election, every PROVISIONAL BALLOT (a ballot used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter's eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can count) and every MILITARY BALLOT (often sent in from overseas and have a later deadline than Nov. 3) are significant.

I’m not a statistician. I’m not a judge or justice. And I’m definitely not unbiased. But I’ve done everything I can to step outside of this situation and view things objectively.

And... This is the way! (The Mandalorian)